Life is and should be a cause for celebration

“Each day offers a reason to celebrate. Find it and experience true bliss.” Amy Leigh Mercree, author*

How can we make our lives a reason to celebrate? Not today but every day…

We should experience life to its fullest and make it a reason to celebrate. A healthy life is a happy life and that itself is a reason to celebrate. But this will happen only when we have a good life. And this is possible only when we make our environment conducive for it. Our environment plays a crucial role in making our lives sustainable. Nowadays households and other living areas contribute to high CO2 emissions and green house effects as much as global warming, which threatens all humans and their health, as well as natural resources. The quality of life has gone down considerably leading to many lifestyle related diseases. Our life is for us to cherish. And the most important thing to consider here is living an environment that is safe and healthy for us while also giving back to nature.

Only when we take care of the environment we live in; will it be reciprocated with longevity. It should be embraced as a way of life. Today’s world is experimenting and innovating to get the latest in sustainable technology to make our living eco-friendly. Small things can make a big difference to our lives. Even in small victories there lies a reason to celebrate. Making our immediate environment conducive by using eco-friendly methods is the first step in that direction. This helps reduce carbon footprint and also save the environment that we live in. Using renewable energy resources like rain water harvesting and recycling and rechargeable ground water for energy conservation helps reduce climate change in a big way.

Eco-friendly homes have lower life-cycle environmental impacts and costs, better reliability, less maintenance, and greater user satisfaction. Solar panels have come a long way since their invention more than fifty years ago. Even Elon Musk is trying his hand at making attractive, solar roofing materials. We can reduce energy with the usage of energy efficient home appliances. Saving and reducing wastage of electricity can also make our environment sustainable.

Ecological sustainability is very important when it comes to eco-friendly living. Without a stable ecosystem, things start to fall apart. Having Landscaped areas around us can make a big impact to the environment. Trees help reduce air pollutants, including ozone and chromium. Well-planned landscapes filter dust and other pollutants out of rainwater. Plants purify the air of smoke, dust and other pollutants. This also helps in preserving limited resources, reducing waste, and preventing air, water and soil pollution.

Being environmentally friendly also means having a lifestyle that is better for both the environment and the people living on it. Celebrate life for us and also for the generations to come. After all life is a big celebration, so celebrate while the party is on.

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate’. Oprah Winfrey

*Amy Leigh Mercree is the bestselling author of six books including The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart (Llewellyn) and A Little Bit of Mediation: An Introduction to Mindfulness (Sterling).