Green Residences.

The best living experience, in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Living.
  • Lifestyle that minimally impacts environment.
  • Optimized usage of natural resources.
  • Resource efficient building.
  • Saving the natural resources.
  • Commitment to leave the planet Earth better.
  • Practical approach of Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.
Pre-Certified Platinum Rated.
  • Certification from Indian Green Building Council.
  • 20-30% reduction in energy costs.
  • 30-40% cut in water usage.


Environment conservation is the need of the hour. The pre-certification from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) stands for that project will have 20-30% reduction in energy costs, 30-40% cut in water usage and assurance of health well being through proper ventilation and circulation of fresh air. The building is so arranged that it gives optimized sunshine to all the apartments. The certification has been issued after studying the plan, architecture, design, building material to be used for the project.

About Green Lotus

The world has evolved into a global village; where pollution and chaos has become the norm. As dwellers on this Earth, we must do our bit in leaving this place better than how we found it. Being eco-friendly goes far beyond just turning off lights when you leave the room – it is about changing how you live, it extends to actual practices that will safeguard the future of the generations to come.

We, at Green Lotus, strive for this peace and serenity to become a part of your daily life. Feel the fresh dewdrops caressing your feet in the sprawling lush green gardens and the warmth of the sunrays, playing hide-and-seek with your large-sized windowpanes. The insulated building structures and energy-efficient appliances ensure that you live in and support a sustainable community.

At a Glance.

Green Lotus understands the value of natural resources and how even a small contribution can make a considerable difference in the times to come.

  • Our Vision.

    Our vision is to provide sustainable living options and premium experiences, whilst always making a positive contribution to the environment and to the lives of Green Lotus residents.

  • Our Mission.

    We provide the best-in-class facilities to our customers. Through an approach of integrity, honesty and teamwork..

Ajay Arora
Green Lotus Avenue

Green Lotus Avenue; best located and excellent in terms of quality within Budget. One of the trusted Developers in Tricity, serving the best quality and making the great combo of superb arrangements and fine habitat. Happy to be a part of such dominant locality.

Vikram Jeet
Green Lotus Avenue

I visited the project with my family to see the sample flat. The staff was very friendly and explained every feature of the project in detail. The construction of the project is going on at a fast pace and we are happy to book a flat at such a prominent location.

Project Details.

Conservation is the need of the hour. Sustainable living entails leading a lifestyle that minimally impacts environment by optimized usage of natural resources, conservation of energy and decreasing the carbon footprint.

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Superior building techniques, state-o-the-art architecture, environment friendly and plush design of the apartment ensure overall quality of the project and elite living experience.

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We are an ethical organization that places values and ethics over profits. We are driven by a passion for total customer satisfaction and do not compromise on our commitments.

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Conservation is an attitude towards life and a commitment to leave the planet Earth better for the coming generations. If focuses on saving the natural resources and checking the ill effects of consumerism.

Make each new day a Celebration of Life

Quality of life goes beyond physical structures. Green Lotus is committed to bringing the Green Living Experience in all their projects.

Our Existing Projects

Relax with a sun-downer, admire the sunsets, the hues of nature, the chirping of birds, the mountain views and the doors of the The Green Club are open for you to unwind. Call your friends and surprise them with an indoor pool side party.